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Dan ZhangDan D. Zhang, Principal Investigator and Project Director | 979-862-6514

Dr. Zhang is an Associate Professor of Special Education at Texas A&M University. He has secured a number of externally-funded projects focusing on self-determination instruction, mentoring between college students with disabilities and high school students with disabilities, youth leadership, post-secondary education for students with disabilities, and adult advocacy. He has been prolific and nationally recognized for his research and scholarly work, particularly in the areas of transition education, self-determination instruction, and promoting postsecondary education. His research work has been published in major special education journals.


Kristie Scrutchfield Orr, Co-Principal Investigator | 979-845-1637

Kristie Scrutchfield Orr is the Director of Disability Services at Texas A&M University.She has worked in Disability Services for 12 years. Kristie earned her M.Ed. in Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and her Ph.D. in School Psychology from Texas A&M University. She has been active in many areas of Student Affairs including assessment, staff development, judcial affairs, and the Critical Incident Response Team.


Leena LandmarkLeena Landmark, Research Associate | 979-458-0403

Dr. Landmark is the Postdoctoral Research Associate for the DTN. Her primary responsibility is the facilitation and evaluation of the Faculty Learning Communities. She was a secondary special education teacher for almost eight years, has taught at the postsecondary level, and has been a part of the DTN since 2006. Her research interests include special education transition, faculty learning communities, and developmental disabilities.


Shannon AlexanderShannon Alexander, Project Coordinator | 979-845-5432
Ms. Alexander serves as a project coordinator for the Disability Training Network (DTN). She was recently employed by Texas A&M's Department of Disability Services where she spent four years as an accommodations counselor. Shannon has a long employment and personal history of assisting and advocating for the needs of persons with disabilities.