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Accommodations Module
Rights and Responsibilities
Rights and Responsibilities Module
Universal Design
Universal Design Module
Web Accessibility
Web Accessibility

Quarterly Updates

Browse these PDF updates on disability policies, practices and other issues. Quarterly Updates


December: Service Animals

September: Students in Crisis

March: Determining Eligibility for Disability Services



December: Applying Universal Design to Assessments

September: Self-Determination
June: Universal Design Faculty Learning Community

March: Emergency Preparation for People with Disabilities


December: Introducing the DTN-TIR

June: Disabled Vets in Higher Education

March: College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders


December: Accessible and Useful Web Pages
September: Out-of-Class Experiences for Students with Disabilities

June: Housing and Residential Life for Students with Disabilities
March: Universal Design in Postsecondary Settings


: Demonstration Projects to Ensure Students with Disabilities Receive a Quality Higher Education
September: Students with Disabilities in Postsecondary Education--Legal Considerations
June: Communicating with People who Have Disabilities
March: Information about Upcoming DTN Events


December: Introduction to the Disability Training Network for the Texas A&M University System