Faculty Rights

Faculty members have the right to:

  • maintain academic standards of courses;
  • determine course content and how it will be taught;
  • confirm a student's request for accommodations and ask for clarification about a
    specific accommodation with the disability services office;
  • deny a request for accommodation if the student has not been approved for such
  • deny accommodations for students not registered with the disability services office;
  • award grades appropriate to the level of student's demonstration of mastery
    of material;
  • fail a student who does not perform to passing standards;
  • be treated respectfully by all students.

Faculty members do not have the right to:

  • refuse to provide an approved accommodation for a documented disability;
  • challenge the legitimacy of a student's disability;
  • review a student's documentation, including diagnostic data.

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members have the responsibility to:

  • understand the laws and university's guidelines regarding students with disabilities;
  • refer students to the disability services office when necessary;
  • provide requested accommodations and academic adjustments to students who have documented disabilities in a timely manner;
  • maintain appropriate confidentiality of records concerning students with disabilities, except when disclosure is required by law or authorized by the student;
  • provide handouts, video tapes, and other course materials in accessible formats upon request;
  • evaluate students based on their abilities rather than their disabilities.